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About Us

Sabay Digital Corporation is the leading digital media and entertainment group in Cambodia.

Our diverse brands share a common mission: help our customers get the most out of the online revolution. With cutting-edge services, engaging content and leading online properties, we want Sabay (meaning “Happiness”) to always be associated with awesomeness.

We strive to innovate in everything we do: online and mobile gaming, movies, infrastructure, content platforms and more. We are proud to have in our portfolio Sabay News, the most visited Khmer website.

Cambodia is an exciting country with a dynamic youth community eager to play an active role in the digital era. Sabay Digital Corporation (formerly known as CIDC Information Technology) was formed in 2007 to help meet this demand, with new services and products including online content and mobile entertainment. Sabay is a forward thinking pioneer and has been the first to introduce online gaming, unified SMS content and original online entertainment (news, movies, music and TV) in the Kingdom of Wonder.

Our vision is to be a source of inspiration for the youth of Cambodia in their pursuit of happiness and our mission is to make every interaction with Sabay an awesome experience.

What We do

  • sabay-web

    sabay news

    Created in 2010, the website Sabay News provides a combination of breaking news and unlimited entertainment for Khmer youth. The primary objective of this webpage is to provide relevant, rich and updated Khmer content focusing mainly on entertainment, life, society, technology and sports. Sabay News aims at being a melting pot of ideas, opinions, gossips and experiences, a forum for the young Cambodian community to share information and gain knowledge.

    Sabay News proudly is the most visited and popular Khmer website, with more than 20 million page views and almost 2 millions unique visitors per month!

  • sabay-tv

    Sabay TV

    Our Internet TV channel, currently hosted at sabay.tv, is producing domestic content. Our goal is to bring a cutting edge and topical programming to inform, inspire and entertain the new generation of Cambodia.

    We are producing several short online TV shows as well as the weekly talk show MA EM on MYTV. Subscribe here.

  • sabay-mvp

    Sabay MVP

    Sabay MVP, the film distribution arm of Sabay, was established in 2011 to license films in Cambodia. Later in 2012, a partnership was formed with Multivision Plus, an Indonesian company active in many Asian. Sabay MVP is committed to bring quality content from independent studios and to develop local talents in order to take the Cambodian market to the next level.

  • SabayLEng

    Sabay Leng

    Sabay was the first company to introduce online gaming to Cambodia. Today, our games, such as AK and JX2, are the most played ones in the country. They have their own virtual currency, Sabay Coins, used to purchase in-game or online items. In order to gather the gamer community, Sabay organizes the Cambodian Cyber Championship (CCC), the first ever E-sport championship event in Cambodia, and represents the country during International events.

    Aside from producing popular online games, Sabay is also active in mobile games. Sabay Osja is the first Cambodian game development studio.

  • sabayder-web

    Sabay Der

    Sabay Der was established in April 2016 with the aim to become one of the leading lifestyle websites. Der is the first website in Cambodia that provides you with an ultimate city guide in Phnom Penh: easily find awesome and attractive places in the City with affordable prices and good service, ranging from stores, street food or high end restaurants to dine, shop, drink, and hangout around Phnom Penh.

  • 30daily-web

    30 DAILY

    30 Daily is a new product of Sabay, bringing a diversified multimedia experience to Cambodian people. With the fast growing number of smart devices and a growth of audiences on social media, 30Daily is created with the objective to bring hot news, interesting knowledge, and entertainment to young Cambodians. We feature a wide range of contents from society, food, economic, international politic to the latest technology. Come to our page and take advantage from one of the first video news channels on digital platform in the Kingdom.

  • kley-kley

    Kley Kley

    Have you ever wondered how long you spend on a daily basis to stay updated about what's happening around you and the world? The answer is: too much! Kley Kley brings you an innovative and convenient news reading experience. Our team of professional news editors select for you the most relevant articles from national and international leading sources and re-write them in Khmer in less than 7 lines. Everyday Kley Kley gives you, in an easy to use mobile app, a short but comprehensive overview of what's important now, be it about Breaking News, Politics, Sports, Technologies or any other hot topics. Adopt better and smarter habits today, read more interesting news in less time, install and enjoy Kley Kley !

  • kanha


    Kanha was launched in November 2016 and aims to become the first online media in Cambodia dedicated to women exclusively. Kanha’s reporters are dedicated to bring some fresh and exclusive content on a wide range of themes such as Beauty, Fashion, Love and Family.

    More info : http://kanha.sabay.com.kh/

  • enovel

    Sabay Enovel

    Launched in February 2017, Enovel is the only platform in Cambdia to encourage Khmer people to read more and be exposed to original stories and Khmer culture. When downloading Enovel, readers will get a fully free access to a quality content, and will get the possibility to read, listen and also share content. With its 4,1 millions fans on FB, Enovel has already seduced thousands of readers.

    More info : http://enovel.sabay.com.kh

  • soyo


    Launching in 2017, SOYO is the first VOD Service in Cambodia streaming Khmer, Asian and International content with Khmer dubbing. SOYO offers a large collection of rare and compelling content and new exclusive content monthly. For more info, please check our website:  soyo.sabay.com 


  • idc

    Sabay IDC

    When considering where to locate your server, it’s important to consider the proximity to your target markets. Sabay IDC (Internet Data Center) provides you with a reliable and high quality solution to host your content in Cambodia.

  • Sewa

    Sabay Access

    Sabay Access is an Internet service provider specialized in providing first class service to Internet cafes and game centers. Started in 2007 with DLS solutions, today Access is operating an all fiber optical network connecting over 250 game centers in Phnom Penh and many provinces, setting up the standard for game center connectivity.

  • CNX

    In order to provide trouble free high-speed access to our content, Sabay sponsored the implementation and operation of the first commercial Internet exchange in Cambodia in 2008. Today CNX is the leading domestic exchange in Cambodia supporting 24gbps capacity and connecting 22 ISPs. CNX is supporting IPv6 peering since June-2012.

  • Ads

    Sabay Ads

    Are you wondering how to get an awesome reach and awesome results for your advertising campaigns? Then you are at the right place!

    Our solution to your advertisement needs is targeted, accountable, multi-platforms and flexible! Take advantage of our packages or let us design a customized proposal to exactly meet your desires! Simple and effective. For more information, check our results page or contact us directly at sales@sabay.com

  • stars

    Sabay Lab

    Sabay Lab is a sophisticated agency specialized in Activation • Design • Digital Communication. Our team of creative and driven specialists is dedicated to turn brands’ wishes into reality.

    Our portfolio contains many successful and diverse events, including our own: “Hear my song”, the most popular local music contest, “Cambodian Cyber Championship” (CCC), the first ever E-sport championship event in Cambodia and “Anachak Dara”, the most prominent annual entertainment award ceremony. Today we want to put our expertise at your service and exceed your expectations.

  • Partner

    Sabay Partner

    Sabay Partner is our brand new business service that enables you to: - promote and expand your business via our loyalty program solution - reach out to and interact with your customers via SMS - design and optimize your own advertising campaign on our media platforms - manage online payments thanks to Sabay Payment Network

Our people

Sabay is an unconventional team of enthusiastic and talented people from over 10 countries. We are young, dynamic and a bit crazy. We always aim for the best and never turn down a challenge. Everyday, we work closely together to drive digital innovation in Cambodia. Don’t be shy come meet us!

Mr. Chy Sila, Chief Executive Officer

A serial entrepreneur, Chy Sila founded his first business in 1998 with seed money of $500. Having earned experiences as a tour guide and then in advertising & design, Sila and his partners went on to find CBM Corporation in 2002 and Sabay Digital Corporation in late 2007. CBM consists of 8 brands of F&B and catering services while Sabay Digital is an internationally respected digital entertainment company with core competencies in online gaming and internet publishing. Sila is also a director of the Platinum Cineplex. A Dynamic and idea-driven entrepreneur, Sila represents the new breed of Cambodian businesspeople. Professional and approachable, with a youthful outlook and passionate commitment to the growth, education and prosperity of all Cambodians, Sila is innovating Sabay Digital into a full fledged entertainment company, expanding its portfolio into media, music, cinema and filmmaking.

Mr. Mike Gartner, Chief Operation Officer

Mike is a pioneer in the Internet Industry in Cambodia since its first implementation in 1996. He has been involving in a leading role to implement the first email services in Cambodia (1996), the first broadband service (2001) and the first online game service (2007). His past working experiences include Telstra Bigpond, Telstra East Timor, AZ Communications / Online, CityLink and Sabay where he is currently working as Chief Operations Manager. Mike is the driving force of our strategic development and a key member of our management team. As a founding member of Sabay, his strategic decisions and forward-thinking design for the implementation of Sabay’s infrastructure, network and e-commerce system, Mike has helped to cement Sabay’s position as the leader in the online gaming market since 2007. Today he is pushing the boundaries once again in Cambodia with the deployment of innovative products in online advertisements, data driven market research, next generation Internet services and high-speed domestic content delivery.

Ms. Long Somaly, Chief Admin Officer

Somaly has 15 years experience in Finance, Accounting, Administration and Human Resource Management. After joining Sabay, she has been instrumental in guiding and preparing a fast growing company to develop a solid financial backbone and administrative framework essential for future development. She supervises the accounting operation, controls budgeting and tax declarations, conducts risk assessment, enforces policy, guides HR, and oversees the operational costs and expenses management. Prior to joining Sabay, Somaly worked for Kah Hock, Capital Holding, Huotraco, Embassy Place Apartment, CityLink, Confirel, and Pharma Product Manufacturing. She has a Master Degree in Business Administration and Public Administrative.

Mr. Achaya, Chief Commercial Officer

Achaya BC started in E-recruitment at Monster.com and moved on to HoReCa Management, and subsequently s film and TV production.  He then combined his passion for business and marketing to start off a career in advertising with Ogilvy. Since January 2008, he has successfully helped launching key clients including Mitsubishi, Singha, Beeline, JTI and Sabay in Cambodia. He moved to Sabay in December 2010 where he oversees marketing, customer relations, publishing and social media integration. His expertise in media, advertising and event management has helped to achieve unprecedented growth for Sabay since his participation, and has cemented Sabay role as the leading online entertainment company in Cambodia. His creativity is continuing to open new revenue streams and strategic partnerships for Sabay. He has a Bachelor in Business Management and speaks 8 languages including fluent Khmer.

Giving Back

At Sabay having a positive impact is our priority. We are driven by our vision of being a source of inspiration for the youth of Cambodia. We actively contribute to sustainable social development by being involved in local initiatives to:

  • keep our environment clean and safe
  • encourage education and personal development for young people
  • empower women with training and opportunities
  • promote arts and entertainment

BarCamp Phnom Penh

BarCamp Phnom Penh is an annual gathering of computer enthusiasts, young IT professionals, social innovators, web & mobile developers, bloggers, business owners, entrepreneurs, social media professionals and university students to learn & share about new forms of social innovation based on technologies and tools that are bringing strong benefits to individuals and organizations. More info.


BOPEA Music Festival

BOPEA Music Festival is a unique Charity Concert concept. It aims not only to promote Charity Culture but also to promote and bring Band and Rock Culture in to live. Event Objective:

  • Promote the charity concert culture and band & rock Culture
  • Raise fund to build a schoo in Kampong Cham
  • Raise fund to support young performers

JCI Exhibition-05

JCI International

JCI is a nonprofit organization of young active citizens age 18 to 40 in 5,000 communities and more than 115 countries around the world who are engaged and committed to creating impact in their communities.

JCI Cambodia was formed in 2010 by Founding President Mr. CHY Sila to build Better Community, Individual Development, Business Collaboration and Networking as well as International Collaboration Opportunities. More info.



#IAmOriginal is a non-profit music foundation aimed to promote and celebrate original music in Cambodia by providing training , legal consultation, financial and marketing support to artists.

#IamOriginal has launched the first Truck Music Festival in Cambodia in February 2017, to promote Khmer original artists.

More info: https://www.facebook.com/IAmOriginal.Campaign/


ACRA Foundation

Acra Foundation, in partnership with local institutions and the Ministry of Environment, has implemented a project aimed to reduce plastic bag waste in major cities of Cambodia by finding alternatives to plastic bags.

More info: http://excessbaggage-cambodia.org/


Cambodia National Short Film Festival

The first edition of Cambodia National Short Film Festival was launched in January 2017, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts. This festival aims to promote film industry in Cambodia and provide an opportunity for talented young filmmakers to produce their own short film. 18 short films were presented in competition this year, all produced by Cambodian filmmakers. Sabay is thrilled to be part of this event dedicated to cinema and to encourage young filmmakers to enlarge their skills.


Be a part of something big. Join the Sabay team. Together, as a family of unique creative individuals, we work hard, laugh a lot and develop amazing products to deliver awesomeness.

We care about our employees. We are committed to provide them with a stable, fun and stimulating work environment with equal opportunity for learning, personal growth and expression. Creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship are encouraged and performance is recognized.


our clients

We help more than 200 brands - including many leaders across industries - to gain market share.  


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